Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Muir Brothers

Edgar, Ethan and Noah

The Muir brothers are sims I actually play in my game. They are Edgar, Ethan and Noah. Edgar is a wizard in my game, Ethan is a warlock and Noah is a rock god!!

*Apartment Life needed


with his wife Sabrina:

Edgar's custom content:

Ethan is Edgar's brother. He is a warlock in love with beautiful Sibilla

Ethan's custom content:

Noah's custom content:

Skintone by Louis (default)
Eyes by Iced Mango
Eyebrows by Navetsea

1 comment:

Orandon said...


The lighting in his face reminds me of someone I love... aaaahhhh!!!!

Great hair!

I am SO jealous you know how to do this work! (You, Little Baby, are LOADED with talent!)

I love the guys, the babies, the environments... The stories!!!!!!