Friday, March 20, 2009

Chiara Romano

I'm back!!!!!
And I'm bringing sims with me!!!
This is Chiara Romano, my Italian girl. She is in need of a nice home and husband. Can you provide her with them?

Her cc and a very big thanks to all those who made every item

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Orandon said...

Exactly... She meets one of your guys out here... (I can't find him... Slim and sharp features; I think he had a shadow beard?) When he was a little child, his father told him he didn't have a heart...

She finds him, and shows him where his heart is.

This is what she looks like when he first sees her at the Glastonbury Fair. She's visiting Britain right now, studying the faerie circles.

These are real people, real stories... But we'll keep them our secrets for now!