Monday, February 23, 2009

My Hoods

I have a fine hood right now. I'm glad it didn't crash...and it won't. I back it up everytime I play it, so...
The sims are all connected. I mean they are all from the same family, mostly.
Today I'm showing you the non blondes. Mext time, the blondes, and then, the grand vampires

The Barthóry (or the "non-blondes")

Louella & Geoffrey

They embraced White Magic (as you can notice) and had children:


She is happily married to Hades and they have a lovely daughter, Koré.


She has a daughter named Natalie (after my online best freind Jellybeanluver, or just Jelly), and she has a twin sister.


She is married to


*no pics yet*


*no pics yet*

Circe had a love affair with a grand vampire named Mikah Esterházy. She got pregant with his baby and then Luckás was born

More pics are on the way

Third Generation - born in game, mostly

Natalie Barthóry

She is my fave sim. Her father is the Grim Reaper. She is a witvh ever since she was a teenager
Nat is not a quiet girl. Much on the contrary....

Luckás Estherházy

Of course he is a vampire!!! Why are you asking yourself?? And a naughty one....
His mother is Circe Beatrix - the only red head of the non-blondes....

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