Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Sims games no more

I'm very upset to announce I'll have to give The Sims games up. My video card is too old to play the series. It makes my computer freeze and reboot. I've tried everything, but nothing seemed to have worked. I need a new video card and I have no money to buy it. So, I guess, it's time to say goodbye.
I was so happy yesterday. I managed to remake Cora and Aidon, Cerberus and Pegasus. What for? I can't even load the game...not even The Sim Medieval or The Sims 1!Anyways, here are the pictures I managed to take yesterday...

I still love the game and I feel very upset I can't play anymore.
Maybe one day I'll come back


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KosmoKhaos said...

Awe no Nyx :( Your leaving?! I hope not for good! If you get more RAM maybe that will helps because your graphics look awesome to me. Usually with the sims its not so much the graphics card thats the problem its the amount of RAM on your computer Shyne was just talking about on Cstyles you should check and see if her solution helps. Here's the link:
I hope this does'nt mean you'll be gone for good :,(

AnnieBonnie said...

It's not RAM, unfortunately, it is the VC. I can't even play TS1 anymore. I just got a donation from a friend and I'm hoping to get some more money to be able to buy a new one and also add more RAM

FrigidChick said...

I hope you come back. It will be an honor to download your sims, while you're away. They always make pretty babies.

Meanwhile, I found some links that I hope can help you out. When I needed a VC, my boyfriend recommended that I add more RAM to accommodate the VC.
This site sorta guides you on where to go.

I ended up getting my RAM from here:
They have a tool that will pinpoint exactly what you need. The also don't give you drama on returns.

For Graphics cards:
I went to Best Buy. They can have pop up some good deals, especially online. I got a 100 off on my vc. It was like 200 and change.

Also check They have articles that can point you in the right direction.;contentNav

AnnieBonnie said...

Thanks, hun. You are very sweet <3