Monday, February 01, 2010

Moonblossom Galadhwen

Moonblossom Galadhwen. She is an elf.
I made her to model Savio's CoolSims hair


CC on her:

You'll probably need Delphy's breasts sliders, Johna's body sliders and the Pointed ears as CAS sliders by CmarNYC
Hair by Sávio
Eyebrows and contacts by Subaxi
(thanks, Mastering)

Download her here


Imminent Fate said...

Well done!

I think the Pointed ears sliders are very optional since her hair covers them.

BTW, the eyes that you got from a sim in the exchange is originally from Subaxi:

AnnieBonnie said...

YAY!!! I had no idea, so thank you! ^^

Thaliesims said...

whoo i love her she looks so beautiful ! thank you for sharing her with us