Sunday, February 14, 2010

Elizabeth Beaumont

She is Etienne's wife and she is in the "Best Potatoes" constest as well Grin
Take good care of her.

With hubby, Etienne

You'll probably need Delphy's breasts sliders, Johna's body sliders and the Pointed ears as CAS sliders by CmarNYC
Eyebrows by Subaxi
Skintone by 234jiao // Brownsugarw (non-default)
Peggy lipstick
Eyeliner and eyeshadow by dropsi at her blog (not TSR)
Eyes by Heiret
Clothes by Harmonia (?)
Hair by Newsea // SC

Download Elizabeth here


Imminent Fate said...

She's so beautiful, Catherine.

My Opinion: I think she still looks better with Peggy's skintone than 234jiao's.

Arantxa said...

I love Elizabeth. She's really beautiful. Your work is amazing. Thanks to share it with us.Biquiños, Arantxa