Friday, February 26, 2010

Clara Schumann

Name: Clara Schumann
Traits: (gosh I just realized I don't know those in English) Sad Good Kisser, Friendly, Nautural Cook, Photographer's Eye
Likes: Crepes, French music, black
Country: Germany
Short Background Story: Clara is a single child and her parents now live in France. She is an artist, a photographer. She loves traveling and she'd love to meet someone who could travel around the world with her.
Looking For In A Partner: Since Clara is a widow, she would love to have someone she could call "my love" again.

Hair by Sávio
Boots by Blondblond
Dress by Katelys *sims3pack*
Eyes (contacts) by LemonLeaf
Eyeborws by Subaxi
Blush by Dropsi
Accessory by Annihilation
REz's UI-Mod was used on this sim

Clara Schumman


Tommerton said...

Hi Nyxie, did you used REz's UI-Mod for the creation of this beauty. Because she is with a black skintone in my CAS. TY

Thaliesims said...

i really like her face !
thanks for sharing her with us !

Doylataguerra said...

Haces unos sims preciosos me gustan mucho. Gracias

好想念 said...

nice job! waiting for your new artical. ........................................