Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alfazema Flower

She is a real flower made to another flower: Nicholas Angel!
I love you my internet sister!!! I hope you like her <3

Alfazema in Portuguese is a beautiful flower. In English it is Lavender

CC on her:

You'll probably need Delphy's breasts sliders, Johna's body sliders and the Pointed ears as CAS sliders by CmarNYC
Hair by Raonjena // SC
Eyebrows by Subaxi
I got those eyes and clothes from a sim at the Exchange as sims3packs
Skintone by Peggy
Yami Realistic Lip Gloss @ Sims Cave
Necklace by ?? Undecided

My ToU are simple and plain:
Feel free to use my sims for personal use however you like. You may use my sims to model your creations but be sure to add credit so people know where to find them


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