Thursday, January 28, 2010

The LeBeaus

I almost lost them all with patch 2.3 (dreadfull thing)

Hélène was the first one. She went to France and met Remy LeBeau (yep, if you thought about Gambit, you were right!)

She was cursed by a mummy and I thought she was going to die.... (NOOOO!)

I don't have Remy anymore, but you can get Hélène here

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Orandon said...

I understand, the hair is the hardest part to create? 15 years ago, designers weren't sure about computer animation looking realistic because of the issue with the hair.

I'm looking for all my friends out here! I'm looking for Jessie and Lila... Jessie looks much like this girl, only with curly kinky hair. Lila is sweet and plump, again with curly kinky hair! ; ) FUN! (I'm sure I'll find them somewhere out here.)