Saturday, December 12, 2009

In Egypt with the Egyptian

Still in Egypt, Akenathen and his queen Nefertiti

They live along with two mummies: Isis and Osiris

Download them at the Oficial TS3 site



Amenotep is a fine mummy-guy. He was found by the Chen in Egypt and was brought home. I thought he'd be annoying, but he is so scary and sweet!

He doesn't need to sleep but he takes a nap here and there.

Beatrice is an NPC from France

She met Amenothep when he travelled to France (Champ les Sims). They fell in love and got married...

Beatrice madeover:

Amenothep without bandages. NOTE: he IS a mummy , but doesn't have bandages anymore

Download them at the Oficial TS3 site

Amenotep with bandages

Amenotep without bandages

Beatrice Ramses

They had a little girl, Isis. She has her mother red hair and her father's eyes.


Legion said...

Hey, there! I just wanted to say I downloaded Akenaton from the Exchange and I love him (!) but he didn't come with the hair. I would just like to ask where you got his and Farouk's hair from. Thank you for reading this! :]

Orandon said...

Very emotional scenes, and suprisingly important computer art for these times. You are excellent!

LOVE that you did the Santa Claus couple as an older couple, too. Your mind is so broad and fertile! Keep doing it!