Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Addams and the Musnters

I have the Addams and the Munsters in my game!!! I love all of them!!! Here are some pics:

Morticia and Gomez:


Wednesday as a teen
Pugsley as a teen:

Now...tada! The Munsters:

Marilyn Munster:

Grandpa, Marilyn and Herman:

I decided to mix the two families and...

I hooked up Wednesday Addams and Eddie Munster
They got married
And...Alexander Addams-Munster was born:

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Orandon said...

These are fantastic and beautiful portraits you've done! Very inspiring! Just beautiful. They take away from the macabre aspect of Addams Family and Munsters, and make them more humane. I love how you have Wednesday babies!

The artwork, overall, is gorgeous. You are so gifted! Wish you could come to Seattle and do my make-up! Just love it - all of it!