Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gwyn, the Lovetalker, male fae

He may be cute but he bites!!
I made Gwyn to a friend who writes sims-stories. He is a male fairy and is always in trouble with mortal women. In my game he is Aurelia's boyfriend (fairyfriend? lol). Take good care of him and beware: he bites!! :throw:

Gwy's custom content:

*No longer avaliable*


Astral Faery said...

Oh he could bite me ANYDAY - he's gorgeous!! Beautiful job.

Orandon said...

Unlike many mortal men, Gwyn has a deep appreciation for girls and women. And he frees them with his songs, compliments and laughter. He makes them feel more and more who they are.

He has a beautiful sister who came from the stars... He kissed her on her birthday, and she became mortal.

She is now a famous performer on the stage of life... Because of Gwyn, she meets other famous people every day. Gwyn is infectious this way.